Door-2-Door Delivery


A door-to-door service is pretty much as it sounds. We pick your product up from wherever you want and we deliver it to wherever you want, right to the doorstep. This means it is usually a full land-sea-land or land-air-land service and it can make your life so much simpler.

Shipping doesn’t get any easier than this

For complete peace of mind and a set-and-forget shipping service that takes care of every piece of the shipping journey, you can take advantage of our full door-to-door service. We will take care of picking up your cargo and delivering to the doorstep of where you want it to go.

land transportation networks

At FastCompany, our knowledge and our extensive land transportation networks, allows us to offer our customers, reliable, flexible, and cost-effective full door-to-door services and take care of every last detail of the shipping journey.

save time and money

Combining our knowledge of both domestic and international shipping laws with our efficient and tested supply chain, we can elevate your logistics experience and take some of the worry off of your mind. We can save you time and money throughout the entire door-to-door process.

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One thing we are very proud of at SPC is our friendly staff and their attention to detail. When you order your freight through us you will get a very personalised experience as we make you one of the family.


When you entrust your cargo with us you can rest easy that it will be delivered safely and quickly to your destination. All of our shipping partners are the best in the business and will ensure a quality experience.


Whether you are opting for air freight or sea freight you can guarantee that all vehicles used in our door-to-door service are of top quality and modern and they won’t let you down.


Our staff will help keep you up to speed with how your package is doing at every step along the way so you’ll never feel in the dark again